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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay money up front?

Not on personal injury or social security cases.

Do you offer free consultations?


If I hire you for an auto accident case, will your fee be more than the money that I am left with after my medical bills are paid?

No.  If your case settles, I will never take a fee that is equal to or more than the money that you have left after your medical bills are paid.

Will you return my phone calls?

Yes.  Sometimes I may call you in the evening or on the weekend, but calls are returned usually the same day they are received.

Will you handle my case, or will I deal mainly with a paralegal or secretary?

I do have a secretary who will assist me with your case.  However, you will primarily always deal with me. I will handle your case personally.

If I am hurt in an accident and don't have a vehicle to come to you, will you come to me?

I will be happy to come see you at your home or a hospital.

Will you keep my case confidential?

Absolutely.  I will never discuss your case with anyone else unless I have your specific permission to do so.

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